Michalis Konstantatos

Greece 100 min Fiction


Jimmy is a wealthy high-school student, about 17 years old. Mary is a trainee lawyer in her 30’s. Makis is a fifty-year-old family man and the owner of a mini-market.
Three very different people to each other and their everyday life.
In the frame of their conventional life that pressures them, when everything seems so still and expected, these three people find their own way out.

* Catalan première




Michalis Konstantatos

Michalis Konstantatos studied Directing at Stavrakos Athens Film School, Sociology at the University of Athens and he complete dan MA in Architecture in the field of “Designing Spaces and Culture” at the National Technical University of Athens. Since 2002 he has been directing short films, TV dramas, music videos, experimental short films, video installations for public spaces and theatre plays. He is also the cofunder and director of the theatre company “blindspot”. He has written and directed two short films that were awared in various international film festivals.

Filmography: Luton (2013)

Michalis Konstantatos

Film information

Director: Michalis Konstantatos
Script: Michalis Konstantatos, Stelios Likouresis
Contact: Pascale Ramonda
With: Nicholas Vlachakis, Eleftheria Komi, Christos Sapountzis
Country: Greece
Year: 2013
Format: DCP
Length: 100 min
Language: Greek
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2014