Enrique Rivero

Mexico 84 min Fiction


Chayo returns to her hometown to care for her elderly mother and cope with death. Surrounded by love and sublime beauty, Chayo has to give up something that as a woman and mother is inalienable. That will be the price of her freedom.


Enrique Rivero

Mexico, 1976. He has worked in different areas of film production, from photography to art, and was assistant director of Pedro Aguilera´s La Influencia. Parque Vía was Rivero´s feature directorial debut, which garnered the Golden Leopard and FIPRESCI Award at Locarno 2008.

Filmography: Pozoamargo (2015), Mai morire (2012, D’A 2013), Parque vía (2008)

Enrique Rivero

Film information

Original Title: Mai morire
Director: Enrique Rivero
Script: Enrique Rivero, Aleka Rivero
Contact: Pascale Ramonda
With: Margarita Saldaña, Amalia Salas, Juan Chirinos
Country: Mexico
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 84 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2013