Mal Viver

João Canijo

Direccions Portugal 127 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Five women run an old hotel, trying to save it from it’s unyielding decay. They have a long-lasting, maybe irreparable, conflict: they are mothers incapable of loving their daughters, and they, at the same time, can’t become mothers. When Salomé arrives at the hotel, old wounds reopen. Trapped in that feeling and in the search of an escape, her mother, Piedade, makes a drastic decision.

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João Canijo

Before debuting with Three Less Me he worked as an assistant director for filmmakers such as Wim Wenders and Werner Schroeter. His cinema, naturalist and always dynamic and satirical, has achieved international recognition thanks to works such as Blood of My Blood (D’A 2012), FIPRESCI award in San Sebastián and Portuguese representative at the Oscars, or the diptych Living Bad y Bad Living, which received the Special Jury Prize in Berlin.

Filmography: Bad Living (2023, D'A 2024), Living Bad (2023, D'A 2024), Fojos (2020), Diário das Beiras (2017), Fátima (2017), O Dia do Meu Casamento (short film, 2016), Portugal - Um Dia de Cada Vez (2015), É o Amor (2013), Obrigação (2012), Raul Brandão Era Um Grande Escritor... (short film, 2012), Blood of My Blood (2011, D'A 2012), The Actor's Work (2011), Lusitanian Illusion (2010), Misbegotten (2007), Mãe Há Só Uma (short film, 2006), In the Darkness of the Night (2004), Get a Life (2000), Black Shoes (1998), Lovely Child (1989), Three Less Me (1988), A Meio Amor (short film, 1984)

João Canijo

Film information

Int. title: Bad Living
Director: João Canijo
Script: João Canijo
Contact: Filmin
With: Anabela Moreira, Rita Blanco, Madalena Almeida
Country: Portugal
Year: 2023
Format: DCP
Length: 127 min
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: Spanish


Silver Bear Jury Prize

Grand Prize for Best Portuguese Film
Special Mention of the Universities Award

Golden Lady Harimaguada for Best Film
Audience Award


Mal Viver