Mar Coll

Spain 100 min Catalan premiere Fiction


1996. In happy post-olympic Barcelona lives Jacobo Vidal, a lawyer by profession, despotic and authoritarian man determined to control all aspects of his existence and that of his children. Obsessive and dysfunctional father, he does not hesitate to overcome any obstacle that interferes with the well-being of his family to force him into his own vision of the world, turning his children into victims of an excess of paternal love. But life is unpredictable and sixteen years later, in the midst of the global economic crisis, Jacobo is perplexed as to how his life does not correspond to what he had planned. Projection of the first two episodes.

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Presented by the director


Mar Coll

(Barcelona, 1981) She studied at the ESCAC, from which she graduated with a degree in film direction. For her final year project she made the short film La última polaroid, selected in the student films competition of the 20th edition of Premiers Plans. Tres dies amb la familia, her first feature, won the Goya Award for Best New Director and the Best Director Award at Málaga Film Festival. Her second feature, Tots volem el millor per a ella, won the Best Actress Award for Nora Navas at some festivals, such as Miami and Valladolid.

Filmography: Matar al padre (sèrie TV, 2018), La inquilina (curt, 2015), Tots volem el millor per a ella (2013), Tres dies amb la família (2009), La última polaroid (curt, 2014)

Mar Coll

Film information

Director: Mar Coll
Script: Mar Coll, Valentina Viso, Diego Vega
Contact: Movistar
With: Gonzalo de Castro, Paulina García, Marcel Borràs, Greta Fernández, Pol López
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 100 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2018