Carlo Padial

Spain 88 min Fiction


A documentary-like comedy, or mockumentary, revolving around the attempts of an artist (Dídac Alcaraz) to reflect, through a strange documentary, the presence of foreign students in the city of Barcelona. Mi loco Erasmus reflects the process of a creator who wishes to make his dream come true: to complete the project, which is moving further and further away from reality. The problem is that he doesn’t have the money to do it and no one understands the documentary, and only a friend (the popular comedian Miguel Noguera) seems willing to help him and accompany him on the interior journey that Dídac is submitting himself to as the process to complete his film about the Erasmus advances.



Carlo Padial

Barcelona, 1977. He studied at the Escuela Massana and is a writer, screenwriter and audiovisual director. With the pseudonym Carlo Hart he contributed to magazines like El Vibora, Alan Smithee and Nosotros somos Los Muertos. He is a member of Los Pioneros del siglo XXI. He has published two books: Dinero Gratis and Erasmus, Orgasmus y otros problemas.

Filmography: Taller Capuchoc (2014), Mi loco Erasmus (2012, D'A 2013)

Carlo Padial

Film information

Original Title: Mi loco erasmus
Director: Carlo Padial
Script: Carlo Padial
Contact: Carlo Padial
With: Didac Alcaraz, Miguel Noguera, Maria Volovik, Òscar Dalmau, Javier Ruiz Romero, Joan Moreno
Country: Spain
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 88 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2013