Mi vacío y yo

Adrián Silvestre

Un impulso colectivo Spain 98 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Raphi, from France, fantasises about romances with princes, and about starting a traditional family. But in reality, things aren’t like that. She works in a call centre in Barcelona, struggles with at times embarrassing dates, and is diagnosed by her therapist as having gender dysphoria. During this confusing, yet valuable period, we follow this trans woman as she makes her transition, as well as in her everyday life. She talks candidly with colleagues, queer friends, and the men she meets through apps. In spite of all the advice she receives, it turns out that it is mostly time and experience that will help her embrace her place in this world.

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Adrián Silvestre

He studied Audiovisual Communication, Film Direction and History of Contemporary Art in Madrid, Rome and Havana. He has been a fellow at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome and at the Casa de Velázquez. In his films, he works with natural interpreters based on his own experiences. Los objetos amorosos, his debut feature, was awarded in Seville, and Sedimentos was selected at festivals such as BFI London, San Sebastián, or Thessaloniki. Mi vacío y yo was in the official selection of Rotterdam and Malaga, where he won the Special Jury Prize.

Filmography: Mi vacío y yo (2022, D’A 2022), Sedimentos (2021, D’A 2022), Los objetos amorosos (2016, D’A 2017), Natalia Nikolaevna (short, 2014), Exit, un corto a la carta (short, 2012), Dácil (short, 2008)

Adrián Silvestre

Film information

Original Title: My Emptiness and I
Director: Adrián Silvestre
Script: Adrián Silvestre, Raphaëlle Pérez, Carlos Marques-Marcet
Contact: Adrián Silvestre
With: Raphaëlle Pérez, Alberto Díaz, Marc Ribera, Isabel Rocatti, Carles Fernández Guía, Carmen Moreno, Sergio Reverón, Lena Brasas, Tina Recio, Alicia de Benito
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: DCP
Length: 98 min
Language: Spanish, French
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2022


Silver Biznaga - Special Jury Award


Mi vacío y yo