Marian Crişan

Romania 100 min Fiction


Nelu works as a security guard in the local supermarket of a small town on the Romanian-Hungarian border. For Nelu, days go by the same: fishing at dawn, then work, and finally home with his wife. They live alone in an isolated farmhouse on the fields outside the town. Their problem these days is repairing the old roof of the farmhouse. One morning, Nelu will “fish” something different out of the river: a Turkish man trying to cross the border. The Turk gives Nelu all his money to help him cross the border. Nelu takes the money and promises he will help him cross the border the next day… Morgen…


Marian Crişan

He was educated in film and TV directing at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. His work mainly consists of short fiction films and documentaries. His feature debut Morgen recieved four trophies at the Locarno Film Festival in 2010.

Filmography: Rocker (2012), Morgen (2010, D'A 2011), Camelia (curt, 2010), Megatron (curt, 2008), Amatorul (curt, 2006)

Marian Crişan

Film information

Original Title: Morgen
Director: Marian Crişan
Script: Marian Crişan
With: András Hatházi, Yilmaz Yalcin, Elvira Rimbu
Country: Romania
Year: 2010
Format: 35 mm
Length: 100 min
Language: Romanian, Turkish
Subtitles: Catalan, English
Edition: 2013