Cristian Mungiu

Romania 77 min Fiction


The post-communist Romania´s confusion is the main theme of the short films that Cristian Mungiu directed in late last century. In The Hand of Paulist, Nothing by Chance, The Firemen’s Choir and Zapping the director portrays a confused country, sometimes haunted by a television that has gone from broadcasting pure political propaganda to programming Latin American soap operas and other Western TV contents that induce to confuse reality with fiction. On the other hand, some of the shorts deeply explore the surreal humor that also underlies in Tales from the Golden Age

Shorts List:

The Firemen’s Choir (Corul Pompierilor)

Romania, 2000. 35mm, 30 min.

 The Hand of Paulista (Mâna lui Paulista)

Romania, 1998. Digital, 15 min.

Nothing by Chance (Nici o întîmplare)

Romania, 1999. 35mm, 17 min.


Romania, 2000. 35mm, 15 min.


Cristian Mungiu

Before turning to film, he studied English literature and worked as a teacher and a journalist. He was assistant director to Bertrand Tavernier and Mihaileanu. Awarded at Cannes Film Festival with the Palme d’Or for Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days, and the Best Screenplay Award for Beyond the Hills.

Filmography: Más allá de las colinas (2012), Historias de la edad de oro (2009), Cuatro meses, tres semanas y dos días (2007), Occident (2002), The Firemen's Choice (curt, 2000), Zapping (curt, 2000, Nothing by Chance (curt, 1999), The Hand of Paulista (curt, 1998), Mariana (curt, 1997)

Cristian Mungiu

Film information

Director: Cristian Mungiu
Script: Cristian Mungiu
Country: Romania
Format: Digital
Length: 77 min
Language: Romanian
Subtitles: Catalan
Edition: 2013