Juris Kursietis

Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, France 108 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Belgium, today. Oleg is a young Latvian butcher. He arrives in Brussels in the hope of getting a better salary in a meat factory. His experience turns short after being betrayed by a colleague. Alone in a country where he doesn’t belong, he quickly falls under the yoke of Andrzej, a Polish criminal.


European CinemaSocial Issues


Juris Kursietis

(Latvia, 1983) He worked for six years on Latvian national television as an international journalist. After a Master’s degree in cinema from the Northern Media School in the United Kingdom, he became an assistant director on a number of Latvian movies. He directed his first feature-length film Modris between 2012 and 2013. In 2014, the film was selected for Toronto, San Sebastian New Directors (Special Jury prize) among many other festivals. Oleg, his second film, was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, 2019.

Filmography: Oleg (2019), Modris (2014), Will Have It Tomorrow (curt, 2008), The Bicycle Story (curt, 2007)

Juris Kursietis

Film information

Director: Juris Kursietis
Script: Juris Kursietis, Liga Celma-Kursiete, Kaspars Odins
Contact: Best Friend Forever
With: Valentin Novopolskij, Dawid Ogrodnik, Anna Próchniak, Adam Szyszkowski, Guna Zarina
Country: Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, France
Year: 2019
Format: Digital
Length: 108 min
Language: English, Latvian, Russian, Others
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Catalan
Edition: 2020