Aleix Pitarch

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 29 min World premiere Fiction


The work of Aleix Pitarch, musician and filmmaker, is yet to be discovered as it deserves. After video clips such as Mr Gesus (2006) or Prefuse 73 (2004), and after the award-winning short Dreamland (2006), he now presents Orders, based on a true story of abuse and humiliation, narrated as if it were an animated thriller where the voice and the image confront each other, forming peculiar contrasts and creating a suspense that takes our breath away.


01/05/2021 – 18:00H – ZUMZEIG
09/05/2021 – 18:00H – AUDITORI CCCB
This short movie is part of program Un Impulso Colectivo Shorts: Life is Dream.


Catalan CinemaShort FilmSexThriller


Aleix Pitarch

He is a musician and filmmaker. After graduating in Film from ESCAC, he began directing video clips and fiction short films, combining animation and real image. He has also worked as an editor, animator and composer for films like Nunca he estado en Poughkeepsie or [REC] 3: Genesis.

Filmography: Orders (curt, 2021), Dreamland (curt, 2006), Playmovie: The Shittiest Story Ever Told (curt, 2006)

Aleix Pitarch

Film information

Director: Aleix Pitarch
Script: Aleix Pitarch
Contact: Aleix Pitarch
With: Rusty Birdwell, Stephanie Figueira, Benjamin Nathan-Serio, Ella Galt, Robert Paterson, James Phillips, Paloma Guridi
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 29 min
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2021