Marçal Forés

Spain 30 min Fiction


Four friends on their quest to play the gig of their lives. The Presents have been offered a show in a venue they have never heard of before: The Bell. Only their van, and confusing road signs lead their way across a never-ending landscape that unfolds before them. This is all they have. Muddy roads and farm land that take these four guys into their journey to wisdom and despair.



Marçal Forés

Born in Barcelona in 1981, he studied at the Escola Superior de Cinema de Catalunya and at the National Film and Television School (UK). He directed the short films Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (2005) Friends Forever (2007), and the TV film The Things I Have not Told You (2008). Animals (2012) was his first feature film.

Filmography: Animals (2012), Paradise (curt, 2012), The Things I Haven't Told You (2007), Friends Forever (curt, 24 min), Scooby Dude (videoclip, 2006), Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (curt, 2004)

Marçal Forés

Film information

Original Title: PARADISE
Director: Marçal Forés
Script: Marçal Forés
With: Jonahhes Brandl, Mario Campos, Jurgita Kalvaityte, Chu-Li Shewring
Country: Spain
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 30 min
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2013