Petite Solange

Axelle Ropert

France 86 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Solange is a typical 13-year-old curious and full of life, with perhaps the peculiarity of being overly sentimental and adoring her parents. But when her parents begin to argue, fight and slowly drift apart, the threat of divorce looms near and Solange’s world begins to splinter. To keep her family together, she will worry, act out, suffer. It’s the story of a young and overly tender teen who wants the impossible: for love to never end.


European CinemaFrench CinemaComing-of-ageFemale DirectorChildhood


Axelle Ropert

Axelle Ropert begins her career as a film critic for various  publications including La lettre du cinéma and Les Inrockuptibles. She also co-writes scripts for Serge Bozon’s films  Mods (2002), La France (2007), Tip Top (2013) and Madame Hyde (in pre-production). In 2004, she directs the featurette, Étoile violette, followed by her first feature, The Wolberg Family, selected for Cannes in 2009. In 2012, she makes Miss and the Doctors, following this with a portrait of young actors in French cinema for television, Truffaut au présent (2014).

Filmography: Petite Solange (2021, D'A 2022), La prunelle de mes yeux (2016, D'A 2017), Saque la lengua, señorita (2014), La famille Wolberg (2009), Étoile Violette (shortfilm, 2005)

Axelle Ropert

Film information

Director: Axelle Ropert
Script: Axelle Ropert
Contact: MK2 Films
With: Jade Springer, Léa Drucker, Philippe Katerine, Grégoire Montana-Haroche, Chloé Astor
Country: France
Year: 2021
Format: DCP
Length: 86 min
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Catalan
Edition: 2022




Petite Solange