Platónico, Platónica

Xacio Baño

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 9 min Catalan premiere


Our relationship with the creation of images starts with love: for a moment, for a person, for a landscape, for an emotional state. With their multiplication, the reasons why we make them more and more diffuse. To be rather than to be. We are at a historical and evolutionary crossroads. Today we can no longer trust our eyes. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, we must begin to doubt everything. Platonist is an audiovisual essay about images, love, and its truth. Because without love there is no image.

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LoveSpanish CinemaComedyShort FilmExperimental


Xacio Baño

He is a producer, screenwriter and director. He has directed several short films that have been selected at some of the most important festivals in the world, such as San Sebastián, New Directors/New Films MoMA, Clermont Ferrand, Telluride, Mar del Plata or BAFICI. His debut feature, Trote, premiered in Locarno and was selected at the Viennale and San Sebastián. He currently creates film, theater and hybrid projects at the company Rebordelos, including his next feature film, Después de las ciudades.


Platonic (short film, 2024, D'A 2024), I Can't See You (short film, 2023), Against the Winter (short film, 2023), Deep Waters (short film, 2020, D'A 2021), Trote (2018), Echo (short film, 2015), To Be and to Come Back (short film, 2014), Pieces (short film, 2012), Stereoscopy (short film, 2011)

Xacio Baño

Film information

Int. title: Platonist
Director: Xacio Baño
Script: Xacio Baño
Contact: Marvin & Wayne
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Format: DCP
Length: 9 min
Language: Galician, Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


Platónico, Platónica