Hugo Vieira da Silva

Angola, Portugal 112 min min Fiction


At the end of the 19th century, two inexperienced Portuguese colonizers, with a vague intention of civilizing the colonies, disembark in a remote part of the Congo River in order to take charge of a trading post. As time goes by, they become increasingly demoralized by their inability to profit from the ivory trade. A mutual feeling of distrust and misunderstandings with the locals isolate them at the heart of the tropical jungle. Facing each other, they begin a journey towards the abyss. Catalan première

* Festivals and awards
Best Actor in Las Palmas / Berlinale


Hugo Vieira da Silva

Few young filmmakers have had as much success with a first work as Hugo Vieira da Silva did with Body Rice, which premièred commercially in 2008, in Portugal and France. It won awards in, amongst other festivals, Locarno, Buenos Aires and Mexico, and was selected for more than 20 others, including Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Bangkok, and Poland.

Filmography: Posto avançado do progresso (2015), Swans (2011), Body Rice (2006)

Hugo Vieira da Silva

Film information

Original Title: An Outpost of Progress
Director: Hugo Vieira da Silva
Script: Hugo Vieira da Silva (sobre la novel·la de Joseph Conrad)
Contact: Alfama Films
With: Nuno Lopes, Ivo Alexandre, David Caracol
Country: Angola, Portugal
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Length: 112 min min
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish, English
Edition: 2016