Delphine Lehericey

Belgium, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg 85 min Fiction


At 14, Diane is an enigmatic teenager. She is busy bringing up her little brother, Marc, and has an intense relationship with her father, Christian.

The appearance of Julia, a young charismatic and emancipated English girl, in her neigh-bourhood turns Diane’s everyday life upside down. Diane wants to break the bounds of childhood at any price. Closer to Julia, she turns her back on morality, paying no attention to the consequences or limits of her desires.

* Catalan première


Delphine Lehericey

Delphine Lehericey is an actress and a director.

She participated and organized internships in directing actors, a course led by Frédéric Fonteyne, The specifics of acting facing the camera.  As videographer, Delphine Lehericey made filmed objects destinated to scenography for dance and theater. Her work gradually moved to fiction.

Filmography: Puppylove (2013), Mode in Belgium (2012), Les arbitres (2009), Comme à Ostende (2007)

Delphine Lehericey

Film information

Director: Delphine Lehericey
Script: Delphine Lehericey, Martin Coiffier
Contact: Latido Films
With: Solène Rigot, Audrey Bastien, Vincent Perez
Country: Belgium, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg
Year: 2013
Format: DCP
Length: 85 min
Language: French
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2014