Miguel Gomes

Portugal, France, Germany, Italy 27 min Fiction


On January 21st 1975, in a village in the north of Portugal, a child writes to his parents who are in Angola to tell them how sad Portugal is. On July 13th 2011, in Milan, an old man remembers his first love. On May 6th 2012, in Paris, a man tells his baby daughter that he will never be a real father. During a wedding ceremony on September 3rd 1977 in Leipzig, the bride battles against a Wagner opera that she can’t get out of her head.
But where and when have these four poor devils begun searching for redemption?

* Catalan première


Miguel Gomes

He graduated from the Lisbon Film and Theatre School and worked as film critic. Gomes directed several short films presented and awarded in international film festivals and his first feature film The Face You Deserve (2004) was released in Portugal and France. His next feature films, Our Beloved Month of August (Cannes’ Director’s Fortnight 2008), Tabu (Berlinale Official Competition 2012: Alfred Bauer and FIPRESCI awards) and Arabian Nights (a film in three parts, Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight, 2015) confirm his international success and projection.

Filmography: Diários de Otsoga (codirected, 2021, D'A 2022), Las mil y una noches: Vol.1. El inquieto (2015), Las mil y una noches: Vol.2. El desolado (2015), Las mil y una noches: Vol.3. El embelesado (2015), Redemption (curt, 2013, D'A 2014), Tabú (2012), Aquele Querido Mês de Agosto (2008), Cântico das Criaturas (short, 2006), A Cara que Mereces (short, 2004), Kalkitos (short, 2002), Trinta e Um (short, 2002), Inventário de Natal (short, 2000), Entretanto (short, 1999)

Miguel Gomes

Film information

Director: Miguel Gomes
Script: Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo
Contact: The Match Factory
With: Jaime Pereira, Donatello Brida, Jean-Pierre Rehm, Maren Ade
Country: Portugal, France, Germany, Italy
Year: 2013
Format: DCP
Length: 27 min
Language: Portuguese, French, German, Italian
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Edition: 2014