Raül Refree: La Aldea Maldita

Cinema Concert Spain 74 min


The Cursed Village (Florián Rey, 1930) is considered the first masterpiece of Spanish cinema, a film of a radical modernity that talks about issues such as patriarchy in a rural village and that stands out for its dazzling cinematography and accurate editing. In the 1980s, Filmoteca Española commissioned the restoration of the film, of which there had been a non-silent version that was lost. And this is where the figure of Raül Refree enters, one of the great musicians of our country, always related to the seventh art, who composed a soundtrack that he now performs live with piano, samplers, flamenco and electric guitar, accompanied as percussionist by Núria Andorrà. A unique opportunity to discover —or rediscover— the classic by Florián Rey.


Spanish CinemaExperimentalMusic

Film information

With: Raül Refree, Núria Andorrà
Country: Spain
Length: 74 min
Edition: 2023