Son ilusiones

Zaida Carmona

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 22 min World premiere Fiction


Son ilusiones is a year of noise that stops in its tracks during the three months that the strange spring of 2020 lasts. A reflection on a time full of illusions, but also of defeats; of girls, trips, stories and compulsive audios on WhatsApp. An apprenticeship in which the protagonist learns rather little.


01/05/2021 – 18:00H – ZUMZEIG
09/05/2021 – 18:00H – AUDITORI CCCB
This short film is part of the session Un Impulso Colectivo Shorts: Life is dream.

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Zaida Carmona

She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF and a Master’s in Script from the Carlos III University of Madrid. She has worked as a writer for television and in media such as Notodo and Vice. In cinema, she has worked as an actress in films by Marc Ferrer and has directed several short films and video clips. She is currently developing her first feature film.


Zaida Carmona

Film information

Int. title: Bad Romance
Address: Zaida Carmona
Script: Zaida Carmona
Contact: Zaida Carmona Jiménez
With: Zaida Carmona
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 22 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish


Son ilusiones