Juan Schnitman

Transicions Argentina, Espanya, Brasil, Alemanya 102 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Fernando, a 36 year old naval officer, arrives from southern Argentina to work in an oil tanker that connects Rosario and Buenos Aires. But his trip seems to hide other motives: as he begins an intense relationship with young Brazilian Melissa in Rosario, he also has sexual encounters in Buenos Aires with his Spanish ex-girlfriend Gabriela, even after she becomes pregnant with her husband’s child. While Melissa is expecting Fernando’s child, his double life starts to disintegrate into obsession and violence. He desperately seeks Gabriela’s house among the islands of Tigre’s delta. Blood will soon run through the brown rivers.

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Juan Schnitman

After graduating from the Universidad del Cine, he co-directed, along with Santiago Mitre, Alejandro Fadel and Martín Mauregui, El amor (Primera parte), a film that premiered at the Venice Critics’ Week. El incencio, his solo debut in the feature film, had its world premiere at the Berlinale and won the Critics’ Award at the D’A. With the following films he has continued to explore the murkier aspects of affective and sexual relationships.

Filmography: Sangre (2020), Rompiente (migmetratge, 2020), El incendio (2015, D'A 2015), Grande para la ciudad (2007), El amor (Primera parte) (codirigit, 2005), Mi primera salida (curt, 2005), A ningún lado (curt, 2003), Duelo (curt, 2002), Victorina Fernández Ortiz (curt, 2002), Yakuza (curt, 2002), La muerte de Ricardo Lee (curt, 2001), El interior de la bestia (curt, 1999)

Juan Schnitman

Film information

Int. title: Blood
Director: Juan Schnitman
Script: Juan Schnitman, Agustina Liendo
Contact: Manonegra Films
With: Juan Barberini, Natalia Tena, Bella Camero, Dirk Martens
Country: Argentina, Espanya, Brasil, Alemanya
Year: 2020
Format: DCP
Length: 102 min
Language: Spanish, Portuguese, English
Subtitles: Spanish
Subtitles in Filmin: English, Spanish
Edition: 2021