Eva Murgui

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 13 min World Premiere Documentary


Felisa has just turned 18. She longs to have a job and a true friend but disappointment seems to be the driving force behind her new life in La Satélite. A place that aspires to be a large city but is redolent of a small town. Writing is the refuge sought by others in the concrete squares. All that’s left for her is to go dancing at the club. She enjoys it, although it makes her feel uncomfortable having to kiss so many people when she arrives. A visual diary, intimate and timeless, like a sidelong glance at the world, offered from the margins. 

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Catalan CinemaCityShort FilmFemale DirectorDocumentaryYouthSocial Issues


Eva Murgui

She is a visual journalist, director and producer. Her interest focuses on documenting daily life in the urban peripheries. In 2021 she co-produces the feature film Chavalas, directed by Carol Rodríguez Colás, with whom she had already collaborated co-producing the short film La vella lluita. She has recently worked as an assistant director on the feature films Muyeres, by Marta Lallana, and Mi vacío y yo, by Adrián Silvestre.

Filmography: Satélites (short, 2022, D'A 2022), El Moviment feminista des del franquisme (short, 2019), La memòria present: les lluites veïnals als anys 70 (short, 2018)

Eva Murgui

Film information

Director: Eva Murgui
Script: Eva Murgui
Contact: CCCB
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 13 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2022