Segundo Premio

Isaki Lacuesta, codirected by Pol Rodríguez

Inauguració Spain 109 min Catalan premiere Fiction


A rock band has to record their third LP, the one that will make them either rise to stardom or fall into oblivion. Their idea, despite the reluctance of the executives, is for the recording to take place in NY. But everything gets complicated, and the creative process becomes hell. Desertions of band members, sentimental breakups, rehearsals where drugs and alcohol run rampant, and the unbearable pressure of the record company are generating endless fights and arguments only alternated by small moments of happiness. Meanwhile, without knowing it, they will be composing an album that will mark a whole generation.

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Isaki Lacuesta

He is one of the Catalan filmmakers with the most projection and international recognition. He has been awarded with the Golden Shell in San Sebastián in two occasions, and has directed reference works which play with borders between reality and fiction such as Between Two WatersThe Double Steps or Cravan vs Cravan. His previous feature film, One Year, One Night, with an exceptional cast, was part of the Official Section of the Berlinale and won the Goya for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Filmography: Segundo Premio (co-directed, 2024, D'A 2024), Petges a l'herba (short film, 2023), La veu latent (short film, 2022), One Year, One Night (2022), Où en êtes-vous, Isaki Lacuesta? (short film, 2019), Between Two Waters (2018), Besar-te com un home (short film, 2016), The Next Skin (co-directed, 2016, D'A 2016), Download Vilches (short film, 2014), Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades (2014), El cuaderno de barro (2011), The Double Steps (2011), All Night Long (2010, D'A 2011), The Damned (2009), In Between Days (co-directed, 2009), Las variaciones Marker (mid-length film, 2008), The Legend of Time (2006), Cravan vs. Cravan (2002)

Isaki Lacuesta

Pol Rodríguez

His debut feature, Quatretondeta, starring José Sacristán, was awarded in Malaga, and his short film Nenamagat was awarded in more than twenty festivals. His career has led him to direct several episodes of series such as Deudas, created by Daniel Écija, and his most recent work is the documentary series Year Zero, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and produced by Kathryn Bigelow.

Filmography: Segundo Premio (co-directed, 2024, D'A 2024), Nen amagat (short film, 2016), Quatretondeta (2016)

Pol Rodríguez

Film information

Int. title: Saturn Return
Director: Isaki Lacuesta, codirected by Pol Rodríguez
Script: Isaki Lacuesta, Fernando Navarro
Contact: BTeam Pictures
With: Daniel Ibáñez, Cristalino, Stéphanie Magnin, Mafo, Chesco Ruiz, Edu Rejón
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Format: DCP
Length: 109 min
Language: Spanish


Segundo Premio