Sóc vertical però m’agradaria ser horitzontal

María Antón Cabot

Un impulso colectivo Spain 40 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Sylvia, an American poet, is spending her honeymoon in the seaside town of Benidorm in 1956. After having an argument with her husband she goes for a walk; the sun is blazing hot and she gets sunstroke. Confused, she travels in time to 2021. While wandering through the future, she bumps into Belén, a TV celebrity, with whom she becomes close friends.

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María Antón Cabot

She is a director, scriptwriter and editor, with a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a master’s degree in Cinematographic Creation from the EQZE. In 2009 she founded the lacasinegra collective together with Elena López Riera, Gabriel Azorín and Carlos Pardo Ros, with whom she develops projects such as Pas à Genève. Her first solo feature, <3, is selected in several festivals and wins the Deluxe Award in Seville, where she premieres her mid-length film Sóc vertical pero m’agradaria ser horizontal.

Filmography: I Am Vertical But I Would Rather Be Horizontal (mid-length film, 2022, D'A 2023), <3 (2018, D'A 2019), Pas à Genève (co-directed, 2014, D'A 2015)

María Antón Cabot

Film information

Int. title: I Am Vertical But I Would Rather Be Horizontal
Original Title: Sóc vertical però m'agradaria ser horitzontal
Director: María Antón Cabot
Contact: Marvin & Wayne
With: Ruth Gabriel, Odette Galbally
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 40 min
Language: Catalan, Spanish, English
Edition: 2023


Audience Award


Sóc vertical però m’agradaria ser horitzontal