Iban del Campo

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 16 min Catalan premiere Fiction


A couple in crisis invites a sleeping beauty to spend the night with them on a sailboat to try to cure their insomnia.

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Spanish CinemaShort FilmFeminism


Iban del Campo

He discovered cinema thanks to an Erasmus scholarship that took him to study in Paris. After taking the Master’s in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University, he returned to Donostia, where he founded the production company Limbus Filmak. He has directed and produced several short films, and his first feature film, Glittering Misfits (2019), won a special mention from the Irizar Basque Film Award at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

Filmography: Swift (short film, 2022, D'A 2023), Serendipia (short film, 2021), Interior taxi noche (short film, 2020), Glittering Misfits (2019), Espedizio Handia (short film, 2018), Tigger! (short film, 2016), Con tramontana (short film, 2012), Katebegitik (short film, 2011), Dirty Martini (short film, 2009), Lo bakarrik (short film, 2008)

Iban del Campo

Film information

Int. title: Swift
Director: Iban del Campo
Script: Silvia Rey, Harkaitz Cano
Contact: Iban del Campo
With: Erika Olaizola, Joseba Apaolaza, Miren Gaztañaga, Heren de Lucas
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Format: Digital
Length: 16 min
Language: Basque
Edition: 2023