Stanley Sunday

Especials Spain 55 min World premiere Fiction


The misfortune leads the musical group Doble Pletina to be sentenced to perform community services in a mysterious park in Barcelona. Director Stanley Sunday unfolds his singular, fantastic and freely absurd universe in this witty musical comedy starring the band Doble Pletina. Stop includes four original songs by the group, produced by Hidrogenesse. With the collaboration of Sesiones Movistar +.


The screening will be accompanied by a concert by Doble Pletina.

Presented by the director and part of the artistic team




Stanley Sunday

Since the 90’s he has been filming small films in super 8 and 16mm. His first short, Super 8 (1996), was selected to form part of the traveling cycle “Del éxtasis al arrebato. 50 años del otro cine español”, organized by the CCCB. He has screened his films in spaces such as the Anthology Film Archives, LA filmforum or ese8. He has filmed numerous video clips for bands such as Fangoria, Hidrogenesse, La Bien Querida, Doble Pletina, Javiera Mena, Crystal Fighters or Manel.

Filmography: Stop (migmetratge, 2021), Sound of the Sun (curt, 2011), Película sudorosa I i II (curts, 2009), Los productores (2004), El monstruo me come (curt, 1999), La mansión acelerada (curt, 1997), Súper 8 (curt, 1996)

Stanley Sunday

Film information

Director: Stanley Sunday
Script: Stanley Sunday
Contact: Doble Pletina
With: Laura Antolín, Jaume Cladera, Jordi Llobet, Marc Ribera, Francina Ribes
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Format: Digital
Length: 55 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2021