Stray Dogs

Tsai Ming-Liang

Taiwan, France 138 min Fiction


Hsiao Kang smokes and pisses in the streets that are ever flowing with vehicles and pedestrians. The only people in his life are his two children. They have no water or electricity and sleep on the same mattress with a head of cabbage, tightly embracing each other. The whole city has become a dumping ground for stray dogs and the river is far, far away. Then, one stormy night, he decides to take his children on a sailing trip.

* Catalan première


Tsai Ming-Liang

He is one of the greatest exponents of the “Second Wave” of Taiwanese cinema, with an extensive, radical and unforgettable filmography that contains such celebrated films as Goodbye, Dragon InnThe Wayward Cloud or I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone. With Vive l’amour he won the Golden Lion in Venice, with The River he won the Special Jury Prize in Berlin and with Stray Dogs, again in Venice, he won the Grand Jury Prize.

Filmography: The Night (short, 2021, D'A 2022), The Moon and the Tree (short, 2021, D'A 2022), Rizi (Days) (2020, D'A 2021), Your Face (2018, D'A 2019), Afternoon (2015), Autumn Days (short, 2015, D'A 2022), Journey to the West (2014), Stray Dogs (2013, D’A 2014), Visage (2009), No quiero dormir solo (2006), El sabor de la sandía (2005), Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003, D'A 2021), The Skywalk Is Gone (short, 2002, D'A 2022), ¿Qué hora es? (2001), The Hole (1998), El río (1997), Viva el amor (2004), Rebeldes del dios Neón (1992)

Tsai Ming-Liang

Film information

Original Title: Jiao You
Director: Tsai Ming-Liang
Script: Ming-liang Tsai, Peng Fei Song, Chen Yu Tung
Contact: Urban Distribution Int.
With: Lee Kang Sheng, Lu Yi Ching, Lee Yi Cheng, Lee Yi Chieh, Chen Shiang Chyi
Country: Taiwan, France
Year: 2013
Format: DCP
Length: 138 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Edition: 2014