Sueños y pan

Luis (Soto) Muñoz

Un impulso colectivo Spain 93 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Javi and Dani steal a painting. Suspecting its high value, they set in motion a plan to sell the artwork. However, the plan starts falling apart with every step they take. They embark on a quixotic path, attempting to sell the painting from the outskirts to the most prestigious galleries in the city. As their luck dwindles, they wander around the city, trying to quell the moral judgment of their actions.

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FriendshipSpanish CinemaYouthThriller


Luis (Soto) Muñoz

Graduated in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts at the TAI School, he shot his first piece, El Cuento del Limonero in 2020. In 2023 he co-directed with Alfredo Picazo Los restos del pasar, premiered at the Gijón Festival. Sueños y pan is his debut film, winner of the Agustí Villaronga Award at the Atlántida Mallorca Film Fest.

Filmography: Sueños y pan (2023, D’A 2024), Los restos del pasar (2023), El cuento del limonero (short, 2021)

Luis (Soto) Muñoz

Film information

Int. title: Dreams and Crumbs
Director: Luis (Soto) Muñoz
Script: Luis (Soto) Muñoz
Contact: Mubox Studio
With: George Steane, Javier De Luis, Cristina Masoni, Mario Saura, Ion Lewin, Nadia Risueño, Ester Vázquez, Arantza Loza
Country: Spain
Year: 2023
Format: DCP
Length: 93 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


DAMA Agustí Villaronga Award for the best national film


Sueños y pan