Tarde de Perros: Leningrad Cowboys Go America

Aki Kaurismäki

Especials Finland, Sweden 140 min Fiction


Film critic Alejandro G. Calvo returns to D’A, media star, #filmtwitter sensation and viral YouTuber thanks to his close and accessible, but also erudite, essential and humorous reviews. Alejandro G. Calvo cuts the cod and is in the conversation. It will be an honor to receive him at D’A with one of the formats he has created, Tarde de Perros, where, with the complicity of some film critics friends, he maintains an enthusiastic, but also rigorous conversation, with passionate and overflowing passion, where they analyze a cult film in the history of cinema. For the occasion: Aki Kaurismaki. The Finnish director, who is enjoying a second youth thanks to the success of Fallen Leaves, directed a classic of the most freaky and crazy cinema, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, a madness starring the rock band Leningrad Cowboys. The screening of Leningrad Cowboys Go America, followed by Tarde de Perros, has its perfect complement in the Kaurismäki short program that is also presented at the festival. A total party.

* The ticket includes the screening of the film and attendance at Tarde de Perros.


Aki Kaurismäki

His latest film, “Fallen Leaves”, has been a critical and public phenomenon, and won the Jury Prize at Cannes. His cinema, unbribably luminous, the antithesis of Hollywood, flees from grandiloquence and over-gesticulation, explaining small stories of love that have led him to rise as an essential author on the contemporary scene. Much loved by critics, he has won the FIPRESCI Grand Prix three times.

Filmography: Fallen Leaves (2023), The Other Side of Hope (2017), Juice Leskinen & Grand Slam: Bluesia Pieksämäen asemalla (short film, 2013), Historic Centre (Centro Histórico) (co-directed, 2012), Tavern Man (short film, 2012), Le Havre (2011), Valimo (short film, 2007, D'A 2024), Lights in the Dusk (2006), The Man Without a Past (2002), Juha (1999), Drifting Clouds (1996), Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses (1994), Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana (1994), Total Balalaika Show (mid-length film, 1994), Leningrad Cowboys: These Boots (short film, 1993, D'A 2024), The Bohemian Life (1992), Leningrad Cowboys: Those Were the Days (short film, 1992, D'A 2024), I Hired a Contract Killer (1990), The Match Factory Girl (1990), Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989, D'A 2024), Ariel (1988), Hamlet Goes Business (1987), Leningrad Cowboys: L.A. Woman (short film, 1987, D'A 2024), Leningrad Cowboys: Thru the Wire (short film, 1987, D'A 2024), Melrose: Rich Little Bitch (short film, 1987, D'A 2024), Rocky VI (short film, 1986, D'A 2024), Shadows in Paradise (1986), Calamari Union (1985), Crime and Punishment (1983), The Saimaa Gesture (co-directed, 1981)

Aki Kaurismäki

Film information

Director: Aki Kaurismäki
Script: Aki Kaurismäki
With: The Leningrad Cowboys, Jim Jarmusch
Country: Finland, Sweden
Year: 1989
Format: DCP
Length: 140 min
Language: Finnish, English
Subtitles: Spanish