Larry Clark

USA 88 min. min Fiction


Legendary director and photographer Larry Clark ventures further than ever before with this harsh and poetic tale of self-destructive Parisian skate kids. In Paris, every day, the same crew of kids meets up at The Dome – behind the Museum of Modern Art, opposite the Eiffel Tower – skateboarding, goofing off or getting stoned as they ignore the smart crowd of art lovers. Bound by complicated family ties, they are inseparable. Boredom, the lure of easy money and the anonymity of the Internet will all play a role in tearing their world apart.

*Catalan première


Larry Clark

(Oklahoma, 1943) His passion for photography began at an early age and so he was quick to assist his mother, a photographer specializing in newborn portraiture. Later, Clark’s interest in underground movements and the flourishing American subculture of the 60s compelled him to document the country’s underbelly, lost youth, and drug users.

Filmography: The Smell of Us (2014), Marfa Girl (2012), Wassup Rockers (2005), Ken Park (2002), Bully (2001), Al final del edén (1998), Kids (1995)

Larry Clark

Film information

Original Title: The Smell of Us
Director: Larry Clark
Script: Mathieu Landais, Larry Clark
Contact: Wild Bunch
With: Lukas Ionesco, Diane Rouxel, Theo Cholbi, Michael Pitt
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Length: 88 min. min
Language: French | English
Subtitles: Spanish | English
Edition: 2015