Saar Klein

USA 110 min Fiction


When Bill Scanlin, a family man and hardworking insurance adjustor, is fired from his job, he falls into quiet despair. Shame and pride prevent him from telling his wife the bad news. Instead he leaves the house every morning pretending to go to work while secretly on a frantic hunt for a new job. As the financial pressures mount, Bill studies his options while staring at the handgun left behind by his deceased father. Almost by accident, Bill begins a life of crime. Frightened and unsure of himself to begin with, he soon becomes more skilled in his new line of work, targeting those he believes deserve it most. Bill meets Frank, a homicide detective, on his bowling night and they become friends. Frank enjoys spending time with Bill and his family, but as they grow closer, one fact remains: Frank is a cop and Bill is a criminal. Emboldened by the power of the gun and mask, Bill starts to commit more reckless robberies. 

* Spanish première




Saar Klein

Saar Klein, a German citizen born in Jerusalem, Israel, is a two-time Academy Award nominee for his work editing Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line and Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. He also edited Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity, Malick’s The New World, and Oliver Stone’s U-Turn. He most recently worked on Doug Liman’s Fair Game, Malick’s The Tree Of Life, and Neil Burger’s Limitless. Saar has written and directed two short films: Nouveau Rich No. 11 and Noveau Rich No. 34.

He has directed numerous commercials and public service announcements and won the 2013 Association of Independent Commercial Producers award for best editing for Coke’s “Give a Little” ad campaign. He served as Executive Producer on David Gordon Green’s critically-acclaimed Undertow, and has consulted and supervised on many independent and studio features.

Filmography: Things People Do (2014)

Saar Klein

Film information

Director: Saar Klein
Script: Saar Klein, Joe Conway
Contact: Celluloid Dreams
With: Wes Bentley, Vinessa Shaw, Haley Bennett, Jason Isaacs
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Length: 110 min
Language: English
Subtitles: Catalan
Edition: 2014