Todavía no conozco tu letra

Dimas Rodríguez

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 7 min World premiere Fiction


It seems that the world is ending, or something similar, and a girl decides to call someone she knew but did not dare to tell everything she felt at the time. An altered and apocalyptic version of The Human Voice —from Cocteau to Almodóvar and Rossellini— passed through the filter of comedy and science fiction out of the camera. And a short film of great vitality and energy, despite all. Directed by Dimas Rodríguez (Invisible Harvey).


01/05/2021 – 20:00H – ZUMZEIG
09/05/2021 – 20:00H – AUDITORI CCCB
This short film is part of the session Un Impulso Colectivo Shorts: The Forthcoming World.


LoveCatalan CinemaComedyShort FilmSci-fi & Fantasy


Dimas Rodríguez

He is a musician and television scriptwriter. He has worked for TV3 writing scripts for cultural programs such as Silenci?, Ànima, or Tot es mou, as well as the TV movie Et dec una nit de divendres. As a musician, under the name Invisible Harvey he has released two albums, and some of his songs are part of the soundtrack of the series Mira lo que has hecho.

Filmography: Todavía no conozco tu letra (curt, 2021), Tenemos que hablar (curt, 2015), Et dec una nit de divendres (2013, D'A 2013)

Dimas Rodríguez

Film information

Original Title: I Still Don't Know Your Handwriting
Director: Dimas Rodríguez
Script: Dimas Rodríguez
Contact: Mermelada Producciones
With: Aida Llop, Jordi Andújar, Oriol Vila
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Format: Digital
Length: 7 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2021