Alejo Levis

Spain 75 min Fiction


A man dreams of living a love affair with a woman he doesn’t know. In the dream he lost her and when he wake up he decides to play in reality the moment he met her as happened in his sleep, as if he could summon his beloved and everything could start over. Man’s dream is fulfilled but things go wrong when he tries to reify her dreams, with the desire to see her happy, in a slightly awkward way that will eventually endanger everything they fought.

* Catalan première



Alejo Levis

Writer, editor, director of music videos, Alejo Levis has directed the short films How to play cops and crooks and Sirens, awarded in national and international festivals. Todo parecía perfecto (2014), his debut film, was screened at the D’A Film Festival.

Filmography: No quiero perderte nunca (2018), Waste (2016), Todo parecía perfecto (2014), Sirenas (curt, 2008), Cómo jugar a polis y cacos (curt, 2005)

Alejo Levis

Film information

Original Title: Everything Seemed Perfect
Director: Alejo Levis
Script: Alejo Levis
Contact: Arcadia Motion Pictures
With: Jordi Rico, Andrea Trepat
Country: Spain
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Length: 75 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2014