Trois nuits par semaine

Florent Gouëlou

France 103 min Spanish premiere Fiction


29-year-old Baptiste is in a relationship with Samia when he first meets Cookie Kunty, a young drag queen from the Parisian scene who immediately mesmerizes him. Initially motivated by the idea of a photography project revolving around Cookie, he immerses himself into this world, eventually embarking upon a relationship with Quentin, the young man behind the drag queen.

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Florent Gouëlou

He graduated at La Comédie de Saint-Etienne, with a Master’s degree in Cinema from La Sorbonne Nouvelle. After several experiences as an actor and production assistant, joined the direction department of La Fémis in 2013. With his graduation film, A Man My Son, he discovered the world of drag and won the performance award at the Clermont-Ferrand festival in 2018. Three multi-awarded short films will follow, all produced by Yukunkun productions. Florent Gouëlou is also Javel Habibi at night, a solar and committed drag queen, who performs every month on the Flèche d’Or stage in Paris. Three nights a week is his first feature film.

Filmography: Three Nights per Week (2022, D'A 2023), Premier amour (short film, 2020), Où vont les sons ? (short film, 2020), Beauty Boys (short film, 2019), A Man, My Son (mid-length film, 2018)

Florent Gouëlou

Film information

Int. title: Three Nights a Week
Director: Florent Gouëlou
Script: Florent Gouëlou, Raphaëlle Desplechin
Contact: Pyramide Films
With: Pablo Pauly, Romain Eck, Hafsia Herzi
Country: France
Year: 2022
Format: DCP
Length: 103 min
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Catalan
Edition: 2023


Trois nuits par semaine