Un, dos…

Verònica Font

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 18 min World premiere


This is a portrait of people who dance. Of the gesture, of the body, of pleasure, of emotion… A visual and sound collage where spaces in Barcelona act as a stage and the daily rhythm acts as a counterpoint.


Catalan CinemaCityShort FilmFemale DirectorDocumentarySocial Issues


Verònica Font

Sound professional, she has worked on more than forty productions as a sound designer. She simultaneously explores language to create her own films. Among her works as director, Kilian Jornet, el comptador de llacs, or Les mans d’Alícia stand out. Currently, she is preparing her first fiction feature film: Roberto y los comediantes.


Un, dos... (short film, 2024, D'A 2024), Les mans d’Alícia (co-directed, 2017), Kilian Jornet, el comptador de llacs (2013), 7 històries i 1 ciutat (2009), Marca de l'ham (short film, 2009), La Miranda, recuerdos de nuestra casa (2003), Breu encontre (short film, 1994)

Verònica Font

Film information

Int. title: One, Two...
Director: Verònica Font
Script: Verònica Font
Contact: CCCB
With: Júlia Garcia Font
Country: Spain
Year: 2024
Format: Digital
Length: 18 min
Language: Catalan, Spanish