Un susurro

Íñigo Apestegui

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 7 min Worldwide premiere


Eva returns to the house she once shared with her now deceased partner. As days pass the ghosts of the past will knock on the door.

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Íñigo Apestegui

He is a film director and screenwriter. He studied Film at the TAI University School of Arts, and later moved to Latin America, where he spent several years working at the production company Lantica Media. He has worked with David Fincher as an assistant director on the Netflix film The Killer. Parallel to his university career, he has worked on several video clips as a photographer and director. Whisper is his first short film.

Filmography: Un susurro (short, 2022, D'A 2022)

Íñigo Apestegui

Film information

Int. title: Whisper
Director: Íñigo Apestegui
Script: Íñigo Apestegui
Contact: Moira Pictures
With: Eva March, Luisa Fernández
Country: Spain
Year: 2021
Format: Digital
Length: 7 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


Un susurro