Malena Solarz, Nicolás Zukerfeld

Argentina 12 min Spanish premiere Fiction


A Spanish filmmaker walks the streets of Vigo thinking about a potential movie, which ends up being filmed by a pair of Argentine filmmakers. In the meantime, it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, there are ducks and seagulls, a fishing boat is being searched, someone wins the lottery and a song by The Kinks plays.


LoveShort FilmFemale Director


Malena Solarz, Nicolás Zukerfeld

Malena Solarz (Buenos Aires, 1982) and Nicolás Zukerfeld (Buenos Aires, 1982) have degrees from the Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires. Together they co-wrote and co-directed part of the documentary A propósito de Buenos Aires, screened at BAFICI 2006, and the film El invierno llega después del otoño, selected in the 2016 edition of the same festival. Both are part of the team of the magazine Revista de Cine.

Filmography: Una película hecha de (curt, 2019), El invierno llega después del otoño (2016), A propósito de Buenos Aires (col·lectiu, 2006)

Malena Solarz, Nicolás Zukerfeld

Film information

Int. title: A Movie Made of
Address: Malena Solarz, Nicolás Zukerfeld
Script: Malena Solarz, Nicolás Zukerfeld
Contact: Malena Solarz
With: Ángel Santos, Jaime Pena
Country: Argentina
Year: 2019
Format: Digital
Length: 12 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2020