Vera y el placer de los otros

Federico Actis, Romina Tamburello

Talents Argentina 103 min Spanish premiere Fiction


17-year-old Vera divides her days between volleyball, school, and a secret hobby: she rents out an empty apartment to teenagers looking for a place to have sex. She steals the keys from her distracted mother, who manages different properties, and organises everything. The teenagers come and go, using the apartment for a few uninterrupted hours. Playing invisible, Vera stays behind the closed door; her own sexual desires unfolding as she listens to other people’s pleasure.

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Latin American CinemaComing-of-ageFemale DirectorLGTBIFirst FeatureSex


Federico Actis, Romina Tamburello

Federico Actis

(Argentina, 1981) He is a director, screenwriter, and producer at Pez Cine. He directed the fiction short film The Cable Cars and the documentary feature The Architecture of Crime. He has worked as a scriptwriter for cultural television at Santa Fe Signal and Encuentro Channel. He has also been selected to participate in the Berlinale Talent Campus. Currently, he is developing his next feature film, The Men of the Plain.

Romina Tamburello

(New York, 1990) She is an actress, screenwriter, and director. She is the author of the plays Black Eyed Women and Jet Lag. Additionally, she works as a scriptwriter for the fiction series Round and as a director of the short film Rage, which has participated in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. Furthermore, she wrote and directed the documentary series Catalina, The Woman With The Flag for Encuentro Channel. Recently, she published her first novel, The Devil’s Widow, and is currently working as the showrunner for its television adaptation.


Federico Actis
Vera and Other's Pleasure (co-directed, 2023, D'A 2024), The Architecture of Crime (2016), The Cable Cars (short film, 2010), Shhh!! (short film, 2007), El otro (short film, 2002), Todo de ti (short film, 2001)

Romina Tamburello
Vera and Other's Pleasure (co-directed, 2023, D'A 2024), Rage (short film, 2018)

Federico Actis, Romina Tamburello

Film information

Int. title: Vera And the Pleasure of Others
Director: Federico Actis, Romina Tamburello
Script: Federico Actis, Romina Tamburello
Contact: M-appeal
With: Ofelia Castillo, Inés Estévez, Luciana Grasso, Carlos Resta
Country: Argentina
Year: 2023
Format: DCP
Length: 103 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English



José Martínez Suárez Award for Best Direction


Vera y el placer de los otros