Vidres de colors

Esteve Riambau

Un impulso colectivo - Curts Spain 14 min Estrena a Catalunya Documentary


The filmmaker visits the house of his ancestors with the invocation of family photographs and the voice of his parents. A journey into memory through everyday objects and spaces which seem to remain untouched by the passage of time.

Screened together with Cantando en las azoteas.


BiographicCatalan CinemaShort FilmDocumentaryFamília


Esteve Riambau

Co-directs the feature films La doble vida del faquir and Màscares with Elisabet Cabeza, and with Àlex Gorina the television series La gran il·lusió. Relat intermitent del cinema català. In 2009, he is a finalist for the Max Awards for his adaptation of the play Su seguro servidor: Orson Welles, which he also directs. Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the UAB, he has published more than forty books on film history for which he has been awarded the Comillas prize, Ricardo Muñoz Suay Award from the Spanish Film Academy, AEHC prize and Film-Història prize. Since 2010 he has been the director of the Filmoteca de Catalunya and, between 2011 and 2017, he belonged to the FIAF executive committee.

Filmography: Vidres de colors (short, 2022, D'A 2022), Màscares (codirected, 2009), La doble vida del faquir (codirected, 2005)

Esteve Riambau

Film information

Original Title: Stained-Glass Windows
Director: Esteve Riambau
Script: Esteve Riambau
Contact: Eddie Saeta
With: Josep Maria Pou, Vicky Peña
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 14 min
Language: Catalan
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2022


Vidres de colors