In the future, Violeta and Guillermo recall a night in 2018 when they danced until sunrise. “Lately I have been obsessed with recording parties with my friends. When I feel very happy I feel like recording so I can remember that night several days later. I don’t record with any specific purpose, I just do it to widen my memories. I record to capture moments of happiness, moments where I know we were actually happy. I want to convert the images into our philosopher’s stone.”

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Shorts 5


Catalan premiere
Eligible for: Premi del públic curt UIC

Óscar Vincentelli

Óscar Vincentelli

(Puerto Ordaz, 1989) Es va diplomar en Documental a l’ECAM el 2016 i va cursar el Màster en Professions Artístiques a l’Escuela SUR el 2017. El 2018 va inaugurar l’exposició de videoinstal·lació “El Gran Río” a Madrid. Violeta + Guillermo es va estrenar a Locarno.


Violeta + Guillermo (curt, 2018), Lenda Negra (curt, 2016), O tremor (curt, 2015)


Carla Simón

The director of Summer 1993 returns to the festival with this short that aims to raise awareness about AIDS, but does not abandon the luminosity of this very personal author.


Carlota Oms

The first short film by Carlota Oms has managed to become, in a very short time, an instant classic. He participated in the Sundance Festival.


Manuel Palma

What starts as a conceptual short film ends up as a metaphor for our time. And a brilliant sound work has just shaped this powerful cinematographic hallucination.