Óscar Vincentelli

Spain, Venezuela 6 min. min Catalan premiere


In the future, Violeta and Guillermo recall a night in 2018 when they danced until sunrise. “Lately I have been obsessed with recording parties with my friends. When I feel very happy I feel like recording so I can remember that night several days later. I don’t record with any specific purpose, I just do it to widen my memories. I record to capture moments of happiness, moments where I know we were actually happy. I want to convert the images into our philosopher’s stone.”

Session Un Impulso Colectivo – Shorts 5



Short Film


Óscar Vincentelli

(Puerto Ordaz, 1989) Es va diplomar en Documental a l’ECAM el 2016 i va cursar el Màster en Professions Artístiques a l’Escuela SUR el 2017. El 2018 va inaugurar l’exposició de videoinstal·lació “El Gran Río” a Madrid. Violeta + Guillermo es va estrenar a Locarno.

Filmography: Violeta + Guillermo (curt, 2018), Lenda Negra (curt, 2016), O tremor (curt, 2015)

Óscar Vincentelli

Film information

Address: Óscar Vincentelli
Script: Óscar Vincentelli
Contact: Marvin&Wayne
With: Violeta Orgaz, Guillermo Benet
Country: Spain, Venezuela
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 6 min. min
Language: Without dialogues
Edition: 2019