Sang-il Lee

Japan 150 min Spanish premiere Fiction


In a park on a rainy evening, a 19-year-old university student, Fumi, offers an umbrella to a soaking wet 10-year-old girl, Sarasa. Realizing her reluctance to go home, Fumi lets her stay in his place, where she spends the next two months in peace. They take each other’s hands and seem to have finally found their place in the world until Fumi is arrested for kidnapping. Fifteen years later, the lonely two are reunited both still suffering from the stigma as the victim and perpetrator of “a pedophile case”. Will the society give a place to their unshakable bond they have formed?

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Sang-il Lee

After graduating from university, he entered the Japan Academy of Moving Images, the film school of Imamura Shohei. He made his feature film debut with his graduation film, Chong (2000), which won the Grand Prize at Pia Film Festival. He has been successfully building his career, and in 2006 his fifth feature film Hula Girls became a social-phenomenon hit and won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Now Lee is one of Japan’s leading filmmakers and his profound insight into human nature stands out in his recent works including Villain (2010), Unforgiven (2013), and Rage (2016).

Filmography: Wandering (2022, D'A 2023), Rage (2016), Unforgiven (2013), Villain (2010), Hula Girls (2006), 69 Sixty-nine (2004), Border Line (2002), Chong (2000)

Sang-il Lee

Film information

Original Title: Rurō no tsuki
Director: Sang-il Lee
Script: Sang-il Lee, Nagira Yuu
Contact: Gaga
With: Suzu Hirose, Tôri Matsuzaka, Ryûsei Yokohama
Country: Japan
Year: 2022
Format: DCP
Length: 150 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Catalan
Edition: 2023