Andrea Morán, Fernando Vílchez

Spain 17 min Catalan premiere Fiction


A few months ago Andrea was hospitalized. Along with several friends Fernando began to send her voice messages from the outside reading paragraphs from books that could shorten that distance. Now, reversing the roles, both reconstruct those same words with the camera but under the same premise: a voice, a place in the city, a short reading. Shot in different places of Madrid, Yo siempre puedo dormir pero hoy no puedo explores the relationship between the written word and the spoken one, tracing a geographical and literary route through the multiple ways in which literature is presented.


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Andrea Morán

(Figueres, 1988) is a filmmaker and film critic. Programmer of Filmadrid International Film Festival, member of the Editorial Board of the magazine Caimán Cuadernos de Cine and collaborator of the television program Historia de Nuestro Cine.

Filmography: Yo siempre puedo dormir pero hoy no puedo (curt, codirigit 2019), Norah (curt, codirigit, 2019), Espina. Historia de un regalo fallido (curt, 2013)

Andrea Morán

Fernando Vílchez

(Lima, 1980) is a filmmaker and programmer. His works are the result of inquiries about Peruvian society based on archival material and have been seen in festivals such as Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, London or Havana. Director of Lima Independiente film festival (2012 – 2015). He cofounded Filmadrid International Film Festival, a festival that he has codirected since 2015 in the city of Madrid.

Filmography: Yo siempre puedo dormir pero hoy no puedo (curt, codirigit, 2019), Norah (curt, codirigit, 2019), Su nombre es Fujimori (curt, 2016), Solo te puedo mostrar el color (curt, 2014), La calma (curt, 2011)

Fernando Vílchez

Film information

Original Title: I Can Always Sleep But Tonight I Can't
Director: Andrea Morán, Fernando Vílchez
Script: Andrea Morán, Fernando Vílchez
Contact: Jur & Jur
With: Cláudia Malheiros, Andrea Jaurrieta, Pablo Useros, Carlos Pott, Aloma Rodríguez, Pucho, Mario Iglesias, Andrea Morán
Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Format: Digital
Length: 17 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2020