Marina Lameiro

Spain 72 min. min


Poti, Nais, Ione and Das are young Spanish adults that live on their own terms. But as they approach their thirties, a profound unease overruns them: they are still far of being the independent, self-confident and passionate adults they always dreamt to be. While society pushes them to abandon ‘egotistical’ aspirations, each has to examine identity through dialogue. Thus begins an intimate exchange between them and Marina, their friend and director of this film. With the proximity of her camera, she accompanies them in the most lucid and fragile moments of daily life: dancing, waking up together; drifting around beloved landscapes; breaking into tears and laughter while reflecting in complicity about how to maintain integrity. Young & Beautiful is the polyhedric portrait of a generation accused of not wanting to grow-up; a generation which has been cornered to accept a hopeless world and a country in crisis, in which it has been announced that the one way to survive is to abandon dreams.

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Marina Lameiro

(Pamplona, 1986) She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the URJC. In 2012 she joined the Master in Creation Documentary at the UPF, where she had the opportunity to work with Victor Kossakovsky and Marcel Lozinsky. In 2013, she specialized in editing and holds a postgraduate degree at the same university. During 2014 and 2015 she was a resident artist at UnionDocs in New York City.

Filmography: Young & Beautiful (2018), 300 Nassau (curt, 2016), Demonstration (obra col·lectiva, 2013)

Marina Lameiro

Film information

Director: Marina Lameiro
Script: Marina Lameiro
Contact: Marina Lameiro
With: Ione Lameiro, Nais Méndez, David Pérez, Iker Álvarez
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 72 min. min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2019


Audience Award at Punto de Vista | Jury Prize - Special Mention at Márgenes | Numax Award at Márgenes | Rizoma Award at Rizoma Festival| Latexos Award at Novos Cinemas