Zabala live + My Mexican Bretzel


My Mexican Bretzel was the sensation of the pandemic D’A of 2020. The Audience Award confirmed Núria Giménez as a director of an inventiveness and sensitivity about found footage like there are few. Four years later, the film returns to the festival and, just as Giménez worked with appropriate materials, now Jon Aguirrezabalaga, alias Zabala, transforms the silences of the Barcelona director’s set into a live musical show. Ambient music, IDM or drone are the electronic genres that predominate in the new reading of the film: another layer of fiction on the diaries of Vivian Barret, the wife of a wealthy industrialist who records domestic images. Characters from a hypothetical melodrama, beautiful and strange, now immersed in the dreaminess of a new soundtrack by the composer from Bilbao, known for his long career with We Are Standard.



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Year: 2024


Zabala live + My Mexican Bretzel