Korean director Taeyang Kim’s “Mimang” wins Talents award

Marc Ferrer with “Laugh, sing, maybe” cry wins in the Un Impulso Colectivo section

The D’A – Barcelona Film Festival presented the awards for the 14th edition of the festival in a ceremony held on April 13. The Talents award, awarded to the best film in the section of the same name, went to the Korean film Mimang by director Taeyang Kim. The Talents award has a prize of 15,000 euros, which will be received by the film’s international distributor, Finecut.

The jury that decided the Talents award was made up of José Luis Rebordinos (director of the San Sebastián Festival), Ana Pfaff (film editor) and Andrea Jaurrieta (director of Ana de día and Nina). The jury has awarded the film “for narrating with subtlety and precision aspects related to human relationships such as friendship, love or grief through invisible undercurrents that emerge in a simple, evocative and nostalgic way through the passage of time” .

The second most important award at the festival is that of the Un Impulso Colectivo section, dedicated to Spanish independent cinema. The winning film was Reír, cantar, tal vez llorar by Catalan filmmaker Marc Ferrer. This is his seventh film, from a filmography created from the most militant underground, and the jury has considered that “this colorful and captivating melodrama makes its way through the disorder with its refreshing, relaxed but avant-garde narrative. Although it makes a playful reference to “Film history ultimately creates its own distinctive path, delivering penetrating human truths beneath its vibrant surface.” The Un Impulso Colectivo award is endowed with 5,000 euros that go to the filmmaker.

The jury for the Un Impulso Colectivo award was made up of Beatriz Navas (General Director of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of Spain (ICAA) between 2018 and 2023), Claudio Zilleruelo (founder and artistic director of Black Canvas – Festival de Contemporary Cinema of Mexico) and Mihai Chirilov (film critic and artistic director of the Transilvania International Film Festival), who have also hoped that this will be the international takeoff of Marc Ferrer.

This jury has also decided on the OpenECAM prize, awarded jointly with the ECAM (School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid), which has been awarded to Luis (Soto) Muñoz, director of the film Sueños y pan, to whom the ECAM will donate resources for the making of his next film.

The jury of the Un Impulso Colectivo – Curts award has awarded the prize for best short to Contadores by director Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe, for “harmonizing cinematographic ethics and aesthetics and political language in an immersive experience that takes the viewer on a journey to the past that resonates in the present”. The jury wanted to make a special mention of Four Deaths by the Catalan Roger Alsina Uribe, for the combination of tones and genres in an approach to the (black) tragicomedy of life.

The short jury was made up of Jordi Sánchez Navarro (programmer of the Anima’t section of the Sitges Festival), Lluís Salgado (reporter and scriptwriter of the cultural program Marciaos on TV3) and Mario Sanz (winner of the Un Impulso Colectivo – Shorts 2023 award for his short film Zehn Minuten vor Mitternacht (Ten Minutes to Midnight).

Finally, the critics’ jury awarded with the collaboration of ACCEC – Catalan Association of Cinematographic Criticism and Writing, formed by Enric Albero, Mireia Iniesta and Mariana Freijomil, has awarded the Critics’ Prize to the Argentine film Vera and the pleasure of others by Federico Actis and Romina Tamburello. The jury awarded the prize “for constructing a very fresh intergenerational story, with images that adhere to the genuine gaze of its protagonist.”

Audience Choice Award

The audience at D’A – Barcelona Film Festival has spoken! And he has decided – thanks to his votes in all the sessions of the festival – that the Audience Award for the best feature film will go to the film HLM Pussy by director Nora El Hourch. A combative and feminist film that pits a group of friends against sexist online harassment and is the debut of the French-Moroccan filmmaker. The Audience Award for the best short film was already known, but it is worth bringing it back: it was for Els buits, the work of the three young Catalan filmmakers Isa Luengo, Sofia Esteve and Marina Freixa Roca, also awarded at the Malaga Festival.

D’A Film Lab Barcelona Awards

Within the framework of the D’A – Barcelona Film Festival, the D’A Fim Lab Barcelona has been held, the professional aspect of the festival that also awards various awards. The jury, made up of Carlos Madrid, Rebecca de Pas, and Nadine Rothschild, has awarded the Final Cut prize of the D’A Film Lab 2024 to the film Where the Silence Passes by director Sandra Romero. The prize is endowed with 20,000 euros for the post-production of the film.

In the Emergent Production Lab section, for projects in the development phase prior to filming, two projects have received consulting awards. Son Adiós, amor project by Zaida Carmona, produced by Gema Arquero (Debut Films), with the Lokro Production Award, and Ezagutzen Ditugun Bekain Guztiak (All the eyebrows we know), directed and produced by Núria Ubach and Marta Codesido, with the Music Library & SFX Award, consisting of music rights consultancy.