Finally! At D’A 2023 we started recording interviews with some of the protagonists of the ten years of the section Un Impulso Colectivo with the idea of making a podcast that would avoid the conversational format, and that would work as a collage of voices to reflect on some issues around the Spanish independent cinema.

And it’s finally out: on September 21 arrives at CaixaForum+ Un impulso colectivo, the D’A – Festival de Cinema de Barcelona’s podcast that takes the title of one of the longest-running sections of the festival and wants to take the pulse of Spanish cinema made from the sidelines with the voices of some of its protagonists.

Structured in five thematic blocks, which explore topics ranging from the role of the collective in filmmaking, production from the periphery, the assault to the direction of a new generation of female directors or the future prospects of the other Spanish cinema, in Un Impulso Colectivo we will hear the voices of filmmakers such as Luis López Carrasco (El futuro, winner of the Goya for Best Documentary for El año del descubrimiento), Elena López Riera (El agua), Chema García Ibarra (Uranes, Espíritu sagrado), Zaida Carmona (La amiga de mi amiga, winner of Un Impulso Colectivo D’A 2022), Burnin’ Percebes (Searchin’ for Meritxell, El fantástico caso del Golem), Alba Cros (Las amigas de Àgata, Alteritats), Marc Ferrer (Puta y amada, ¡Corten!), Andrés Duque (Oleg y las raras artes, Talents D’A 2016 award) and Pablo García Canga (Las tierras del cielo). Also participating in the podcast are the curators of the section Un Impulso Colectivo, film critic Carlos Losilla and Carlos R. Ríos, director of D’A Festival Cinema Barcelona.

With interviews and script by Víctor Esquirol, voice-over by Carla Linares and editing and sound design by Matías Rossi. We have further abused the generosity of Víctor Esquirol and asked him to write a text about his experience which can be read here.