Céline Sciamma’s filmography has been revealed, since her debut with Naissance des pieuvres, as a multifaceted and luminous portrait of diverse female universes, far from normative dictates and discursive excesses. From contemporary and earthly social cinema to fantastic fiction or incisive looks into the past, the French filmmaker’s film constellation has become a refuge for the senses and the soul that stands out for its narrative clarity and its unbiased gaze on people. And despite often talking about childhood, whether in Tomboy or Petite maman, her vision is never innocent; and despite often talking about women in difficult situations, whether in Girlhood or Portrait of a Lady on Fire, her vision is not fatalistic either. On the contrary, Céline Sciamma’s cinema is extraordinary for being insurrectionary, for its ability to show beauty as a genuine human gesture, far from tendentious aesthetics. For all these reasons, D’A wants to award the filmmaker with the first D’A Award, an honorary recognition that seeks to highlight a gaze, rather than a series of titles, which we hope will continue to expand her cinematic constellation.

The D’A Award will be given before the Céline Sciamma’s masterclass with Carla Simón as master of cerimony.