The Romanian film Poppy Field by director Eugen Jebeleanu has won the Talents Award, the main prize at the D’A Film Festival Barcelona, ​​awarded to the best film in the section of the same name and endowed with 10,000 euros. Poppy Field is Eugen Jebeleanu’s debut film and the jury has awarded it “for proposing an absorbing immersion in a suffocating reality through precise narration, forceful performances and virtuous direction”.

The official jury of D’A 2021 made up of Ania Jones (co-founder of Bteam Pictures and of the production company Bteam Prods, responsible for hits such as The Girls), Jordi Costa (theorist and film critic and head of exhibitions at the CCCB) and Carlos Marques-Marcet (director of films such as 10,000 Km and Els dies que vindran) has awarded a mention to the Italian film Dear Neighbors of the Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo brothers, of which the jury has highlighted “its risky and unique formal language”.

Un Impulso Colectivo Award

The D’A 2021 Un Impulso Colectivo Award goes to Karen, by María Pérez Sanz, “for her ability to make both a film about Karen Blixen and the star Christina Rosenvinge; a film about success and failure; about the memory and the phantasmagorical; and on the African and Extremaduran landscape “. The Un Impulso Colectivo jury for the eleventh edition of the D’A Film Festival Barcelona was made up of Violeta Kovacsics, film critic; Luis Ferrón, manager of the ECAM and producer of films such as The Future and The Year of Discovery; and Carlos Loureda, from the blog Cine Invisible en Fotogramas and programmer for Zinegoak.

The Un Impulso Colectivo award is endowed with the transfer of the facilities and technical material of the ECAM (Madrid Film and Audiovisual School) for the making or post-production of the next film by the award-winning director.

Likewise, the jury grants a special mention to Ovella, from a group that emerged from ESCAC and made up of Marc Puig Biel, Júlia Marcos Lázaro, Daria Molteni and Sergi Rubio González, “for the originality of the proposal and the rigor when it comes to establishing a fair and complex tone, and by the performative presence of Nao Albet and the collaborative work of a group of young filmmakers who put themselves at the service of the film to make a highly adult work “.

D’A 2021 Critics Choice Award

Lastly, the Critics’ Prize -awarded in collaboration with the ACCEC Associació Catalana de la Crítica i l’Escriptura Cinematogràfica- went to the debut feature by French director and actress Suzanne Lindon, Seize printemps. The critics jury, made up of Carlos Balbuena, Maria Adell and Marta Armengou, has awarded the film “for capturing a feminine and adolescent point of view – and therefore, absolutely unusual – of a story a thousand times told, that of first love , with a unique and personal voice “.

Public’s Choice Award

The western directed by Kelly Reichardt First Cow has won the Audience Award at the D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2021. High in the audience’s preferences have been the British After Love by Aleem Kan and Kala Azar by the Greek director Janis Rafa. The audience of D’A 2021 has an unquestionable class!

In the shorts section, first place has been highly contested and the Audience Award has finally gone to the Basque short Larrua jo by Erik Rodríguez Fernández. In second and third place were Orders by Aleix Pitarch and Son ilusiones by Zaida Carmona.