The Icelandic film Un blanco, blanco día by director Hlynur Pálmason has won the Talents prize for the best movie in the section of the same name, awarded to directors with fewer than three features in their filmography. The 10,000 euros in prize money goes to a thriller with an existential air that has been one of the biggest sensations of the recent Icelandic movie scene. The jury admired its “accurate, emotional portrayal of rage in the midst of the ice. A film that is full of ideas, and a piece of powerful yet intimate cinema.”

The jury, formed by Belén Funes (director of La hija de un ladrón), José Luis Cienfuegos (director of the Seville European Film Festival) and Javier Giner (director and scriptwriter), also gave an honourable mention to British movie Nocturnal directed by Nathalie Biancheri, a tense story with two wonderful performances by Sadie Frost and Cosmo Jarvis (Lady Macbeth).

Critics’ awards

The critics jury made up of Imma Merino, Anna Petrus and Ramón Alfonso have given their award, in association with the ACCEC (Catalan Association of Cinema Critics and Writers), to the Algerian movie Abou Leila, the directorial debut of Amin Sidi-Boumédine, and one of the most powerfully hypnotic films of the season, set in the Algeria of 1994 in the wake of the terrorist strikes. The jury also granted a mention of honour to the Spanish film La Mami directed by Laura Herrero Garvin, a fantastic documentary set in one of Mexico City’s most legendary cabarets.

The audience of D’A 2020, with their votes through the Filmin platform, have considered the best films of the festival the feature film My Mexican Bretzel by Núria Giménez and the best short film, Ni oblit ni perdó by Jordi Boquet.

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