Cases de ningú

Pau Ortiz García

LAB Spain


Laia dreams of being a DJ but checks in tourists on tourist apartments for a living, and she squats in the empty ones while trying to make it. Her secret life will be put at risk by Petra, an international investment fund representative, to whom Laia will have to showcase the flats while seeking not to get caught. As seductions and threats mount between them, Laia will face a choice: surrender to power or preserve her identity in a growingly hostile city.


Pau Ortiz Garcia

He co-directed the short film The Perfect Someone after studying media and philosophy, and in recent years has been coordinator of Guionistes Associats de Catalunya, and programmer and producer of Serielizados Fest. He has also been a TV writer and production assistant, and has written about music and film for several media outlets. He is part of the team that has relaunched the Rouge Cocktail Club, connecting back to the cultural fabric of the city.

Cases de ningú

Film information

Director: Pau Ortiz García
Script: Pau Ortiz García
Country: Spain
Year: 2026
Format: Digital
Language: Catalan