Solo los muertos se quedan

Alejandro Renedo Villagrán

LAB Spain


In a context in which the euthanasia law had not been approved, a mother and daughter set out on a journey of a few hours, with the sole aim of killing time away from home. The time it takes Gonzalo, father of a family and victim of a degenerative disease, to put an end to his suffering by committing suicide in his own home. But that is another story… This is the story of two characters forced to waste their time being extras in their own lives.


Alejandro Renedo

Alejandro Renedo (Valladolid, 1992) has a degree in stage direction and dramaturgy from the ESAD in Castilla y León and a diploma in directing from the ECAM, where he currently works as a teacher.

He has directed De Perfil (2020), a short film that has won awards at festivals such as SEMINCI, Interfilm and Aguilar, among others; and Solo los muertos se quedan (2024), the short film that serves as a prelude to the feature film with the same title, and which is currently in post-production.

Solo los muertos se quedan

Film information

Director: Alejandro Renedo Villagrán
Script: Alejandro Renedo Villagrán, Eva Saiz
Country: Spain
Year: 2025
Format: Digital
Language: Spanish