Un arbre és un arbre

Carlos Marqués-Marcet, Aleix Plademunt

LAB Spain Documentary


Human are the species with the strongest colonizing longing of our planet. We occupy, dissect, transform, invent and observe.
Nevertheless, we are barely able to access a fraction of the reality of the world that we crave. We are a plague that has lost the ability to understand the nature we desire and consume. Un arbre és un arbre is a film where the spectator is the object while a syntetic voice warns us that what we are looking at explain us better that the images that represent us.


Carlos Marqués-Marcet

(Barcelona, 1983) He graduated from the UCLA School of Film and TV. His debut film 10,000 Km (2014) was awarded for Best New Director Goya Award, received five Gaudí Awards, a Special Jury Award at SXSW, Best Film and Best Direction at the Malaga Film Festival, among others. His second film, Anchor and Hope (2017), premiered again at SXSW and the Rotterdam International Film Festival, also received several awards and nominations, including the Gaudí Awards and the Feroz Award. In 2019 he premiered his third feature film, Los días que vendrán, and ventures into the series format directing En el corredor de la muerte, an original Movistar+ series.

Un arbre és un arbre

Aleix Plademunt

(Girona, 1980) He is an artist and photographer with a great international career. Since 1993, the photographic project “Matter”, the genesis of the film Un arbre és un arbre, has received the support of Hangar ADM México Residency in Mexico City, Tokyo Wonder Site, Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio of Japan and the Plastic Arts scholarship of the Botin Foundation.

Un arbre és un arbre

Film information

Director: Carlos Marqués-Marcet, Aleix Plademunt
Contact: Suica Films
Country: Spain
Year: 2023